Become a FUNdraiser!

Pound the Pavement for Peter 2019 — Become a Fundraiser – Start/Join a Team!

Be part of the Pound the Pavement Team! Start a fundraising team or become a team member using the instructions below.

What is a Fundraising Team:

Fundraising teams are groupings of fundraisers working towards a common goal. Donations can be made directly to a fundraising team, or they can be made towards a fundraiser, in which case they will also be applied to the total tally collected in the name of the fundraising team.

Instruction to Join/Create a Team:

Create a New Fundraising Team AND register for Race

1. Go to -

2. a. If you want to register for the race AND be a fundraiser - Click Sign Up to begin the registration process — will need to create login if you do not have one already

2. b. Enter in all participant information/Select Register, Sign and Date when asked… and Continue

3. If you JUST want to create a fundraiser team, Click on Donate on the left hand side, and choose “become a fundraiser” and start the process.

Now become a Click Become Fundraiser

1. Enter in a name for your Fundraiser

2. Enter in a goal for your new Fundraiser

3. Add a message to describe your Fundraiser

Now you will create the Fundraising Team (or Join a Fundraising Team)

1. Enter in a name for your Fundraising Team

2. Enter in a goal for your new Fundraising Team

3. Add a message to describe your Fundraising Team

4. Now select any donation levels that you would like to donate towards your Fundraiser

5. Select who this donation will be on behalf of

6. Click Continue and Complete your registration

More information about fundraising teams:

How to make the most of your team:

1. Customize your URL Link

2. Upload a picture

3. Invite your friends and family to join your team!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at