Thank you for the unconditional support!

Even though we changed things up this year, we were all together (virtually) making a HUGE difference for children with disabilities and medical fragilities by participating in this race. With over 600 individuals and sponsors registering for this year’s race, we have over $147,000 pledged with contributions still coming in daily.

Together, we have made it possible to continue to make a difference for these children and our beneficiaries! We thank you very much for your support, understanding and flexibility.

Congratulations to Our Race Winners!

Overall Female Top Finishers:

  1. Anna Logan Hooks
  2. Sally Williams
  3. Amanda Easterlin

Overall Male Top Finishers

  1. Enrique Sanchez
  2. Houston Gragnani
  3. Shep Dunlevie

8 and Under Female Top Finishers:

  1. Virginia Hooks
  2. Logan Ansari/Parker Ansari
  3. Eloise Noell

8 and Under Male Top Finishers:

  1. Penn Fletcher
  2. Walt Peer
  3. Barrett Peters

9-10 Female Top Finishers:

  1. Anna Logan Hooks
  2. Elizabeth Rogers
  3. Caroline Quackenbush

9-10 Male Top Finishers:

  1. Robinson Peer
  2. Wesley Bradshaw
  3. Wilson Noell

11 - 12 Female Top Finishers:

  1. Madeline Harron
  2. Olivia Weber
  3. Loulee Easterlin

11 - 12 Male Top Finishers:

  1. Paul Rogers
  2. Ben Easterlin
  3. Jack Calhoun

13-16 Female Top Finisher:

  1. Emma Yoder

13 - 16 Male Top Finishers:

  1. Houston Gragnani
  2. Harris Merriweather
  3. Francesco Betancourt

20's Female Top Finisher:

  1. Allie Wood

20's Male Top Finisher:

  1. Andrew Chiasson

30's Female Top Finishers:

  1. Sally Williams
  2. Tessa Reams
  3. Ashley Stepro

30's Male Top Finishers:

  1. Enrique Sanchez
  2. Zach Stoller
  3. Robert Cook

40's Female Top Finishers:

  1. Amanda Easterlin
  2. Edith Rogers
  3. Birgit Noel

40's Male Top Finishers:

  1. Shep Dunlevie
  2. Stephen Yoder
  3. Hudson Hooks

50's Female Top Finishers:

  1. Laurie Gipson
  2. Shawn Perkins
  3. Jann Thomas

50's Male Top Finishers:

  1. Kevin McHam
  2. Michael Harron
  3. Michael Cicero

60's Female Top Finisher:

  1. Cheryl Bachelder

60's Male Top Finisher:

  1. Stephen Farrow
  2. Chris Bachelder

If you prefer to send a check:

Please make your check payable to the Peter Hopkins Foundation:

Peter Hopkins Foundation

955 Stovall Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30319

For any additional information, please email us at: poundthepavement4peter@gmail.com

About Pound the Pavement for Peter:

Pound the Pavement for Peter is a Family 5K Fun Run that was started in 2009 in honor of Peter Hopkins, who, suffering from a Peroxisomal Disorder (PBD), lived his life with many disabilities, and eventually lost his life at age 3. This event is held to raise awareness and funds to help families and children with disabilities and debilitating diseases.

In October of 2010, Peter lost his four-year battle with a peroxisomal disorder. During his short time on earth, he touched the lives of every person he came in contact with and will be remembered by all for his beautiful smile and his joyful presence. Children and families struggling with the reality of disabilities and medical fragilities hold a special place in all of our hearts. We are honored to see his life continue to make a difference for families with children with this disease as well as other disabilities through this race.

Last year, more than 500 people participated in this lively 5K family fun run around Capital City Club - Brookhaven. We were all overjoyed funds that the event raised and by the support that the community has shown for this worthy cause. This year’s event is sure to attract a similar crowd and is guaranteed to be an inspiring fun filled morning.

Pound the Pavement for Peter Beneficiaries

Based upon the success of this race in past years, we are overjoyed to announce that we will continue to sharing the proceeds this year to fund 3 critical aspects to realizing the potential and hope for these families – Research, Medical Care and Inclusion in Education. We cannot think of a better way to honor Peter’s memory and other children like Peter than these charities who will enhance the lives of children and families living with severe disabilities.

The specific charities we will support this year are the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders, The Adaptive Learning Center, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta .

The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (GFPD) was started by parents of children with Peroxisomal Disorders (PBDs) with the mission to assist families in enhancing the lives of children and to support research for the disease that took Peter’s life. With this money, we are finding a Fellowship Position within National Center for Advanced Translating Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to focus on this rare disease that took Peter’s life along with so many other children. This fellowship is working to screen drugs and treatment therapies for enhancing the lives and eventually curing Peroxisomal Disorders for these children. Learn more at www.gfpd.org.

The Adaptive Learning Center is the only organization in Georgia that fully integrates children with special needs into typical preschools – with individualized support from special education teachers – they give children with disabilities the opportunity to be educated alongside their peers. The ALC utilizes a holistic approach to assisting infants and children with developmental disabilities and their families. Last year, they were able to impact the lives of over 500 individuals through partnership with several preschools in the Atlanta area. Learn more at www.alckids.org.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is an amazing organization that is critical to children in Atlanta and the Southeast. The Medically Complex Care Program will be housed at the new Center for Advanced Pediatrics at CHOA, and will be vital to the lives of children with disabilities and diseases. The money raised will go to fund their most pressing needs in helping support these children and families

These are exceptional charities whose missions are to help children like Peter to realize their potential in life, as well as enhance and ease the journey for the child and the family.

Why Give?

Many other children around the world, like Peter, have been severely affected by this disease as well as numerous other disabilities. Research and support for children and families with these disabilities and fragilities is highly underfunded, and they all deserve an opportunity to realize their potential in this world.

2020 Race Planning Committee:

Melissa Barry, Sumner Bradshaw, Kate Burke, Kathryn Calhoun, Monica Coughlin, Angela Cunningham, Liza Davidson, Sarah Dozier, Laura Fletcher, Carla Geiger, Kelley Gilbert, Emi Gragnani, Liz Gray, Anne Park Hopkins, Jennifer Kellett, Margaret Lesley, Seale Lindsay, Molly Lynch, Heather Miller, Stacey Noell, Stacey Ollinger, Toney Peer, Lauren Petcho, Meghan Peters, Britt Prevost, Lynne Rankin, Shannon Reynolds, Charles Schoen, Morgan Smith, Lisa Stivers, Maureen Thomas, Mary Susan Wheeler, Martin Yoder

Race Founders (Peter’s Pals):

Courtney Amos, Allison Barker, Laura Crim, Liza Davidson, Emi Gragnani, Margaret Lesley, Elizabeth Lesley, Molly Lynch, Elizabeth Newton, Britt Prevost, Anne Park Hopkins

Contact Us!

Please email poundthepavement4peter@gmail.com with any issues or questions.