About Peter

Who is Peter Hopkins??

Peter Hopkins was born on November 5, 2006 to his proud parents, Anne Park and Matt Hopkins. At 4 months of age, doctors delivered the devastating diagnosis of a Peroxisomal Disorder, and thus began our journey with this horrible disease. Peter passed away on October 24, 2010, just shy of his 4th birthday.

During the course of his life, he developed to the functioning level of a 3-5 month level. He was blind, deaf (had a cochlear implant), fed through a tube in his belly (g-tube), and never sat, walked or talked. Peter also had significant medical challenges, mostly centered around his body’s difficulty breathing, his blood’s difficulty clotting, and other neurological issues, including seizures, all being common afflictions with this disease. He was hospitalized several times a year during the course of his life, and fought this disease with all he had.

Throughout the last year of his life, we watched Peter lose all of the skills that he had gained in the previous 3 years. He lost the ability to make noises with his mouth, the ability to move his limbs, hold his head up, and eventually even the ability to smile. Even as the disease deteriorated his earthly body, he always had a twinkle in his eyes that gave us hope that he was not in pain.

Although he clearly had a myriad of challenges, Peter brought to all with whom he came into contact much joy. He was always an exceptionally happy and cheerful child. He had an incredible spirit, and a sweet soul. He made more of an impact on this world than many able-bodied individuals have in their full lifetime.

This race and the support that you have given over the years to Pound the Pavement for Peter inspired us to keep going and to have hope, even in the darkest of times throughout his life and passing.

We are excited to continue this race as a legacy and tribute to Peter, and we thank you so very much for your support!!

With much gratitude, Anne Park and Matt Hopkins